Blog Description Examples – 5 Tips & Strategies

Blog Description is one of the important factors to rank on search engines.

It’s the few lines which you have mentioned about your blog below your title, it really helps user to find what they are searching for and might end up visiting your blog.

There are two types of Description :

  1. Blog Description
  2. Post Description

1 . Blog Description :-

It appears on below of your homepage link when you search for your blog by name. A Description is 150-155 characters because, google only shows that much characters on SERP. Writing an effective blog description will help you for better branding.

3 Blog Description Examples :

1. Lifestyle Blog


What makes it so good? It clearly tells about for whom the blog is and also which topic does it covers.

2. Travel Blog


What makes it so good? It describes that it is a award-winning travel blog were it features travel tips, packing guides which is very informative for travelers.

3. Food Blog


What makes it so good? : It describes that the blog contains topics about healthy food recipes for vegetarians which is very useful for people who maintain their health habits by eating organic food.

How to write blog description

It describes what your blog is about and for whom the blog is about, i.e your blog’s niche, it might be travel, food, making money online etc.

Scale up Blogging is using Rank math plugin to write the descriptions and it also helps in SEO of Blog.


In Rank Math go to Titles & Meta than in ↪️ Homepage Section you will find “Home Meta Description”, now write your effective blog description and click on save changes.

How to write a blog post description

Let me show you some blog post description examples :



The above image will tell you about the post description of the blog “” the blog is ranking for the keyword “Pancakes” . They have written a very perfect one line description which includes their targeted keywords.



The above image is the second example of the blog “” which is ranking for the keyword “best android phone for gaming”. If you will see Google has shown their description in 160 characters.

Now let’s talk about post description in short, it is the few lines which comes below your “Post link” and it also consist of 150-160 character, although there are some blogs using long description but i recommend you to use short one because it really helps in ranking your post content.

See this examples :-



Short one attracts users because the user wants to know things quick what they are searching for & when the things which they are searching for is mentioned in your description than definitely they will click & visit your blog.

How to optimize blog post for SEO

The first thing you can do is including your targeted keyword in first line of post description this will help search engines to understand what the users are searching for by putting your content up in results.

Second thing to follow is using LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) in your posts.

Bonus : Use external & internal linking technique, but make sure you are giving external linking for good sites ( the sites using https )

5 Tips to use while writing blog description & Post Description

1. Use your targeting keywords.

2. Describe what your blog is about & which topic your blog covers in 150 to 160 Characters.

3. Use Power Words

4. Get straight into the point don’t write for search engines write for people who are searching for information & Solutions.

5. Use appealing words like you, me, i etc. This will create an urge in audience to read more.

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