Unyson vs Elementor which one is best ?


Unyson vs Elementor find the perfect one for your wordpress website

Unyson is a drag and drop framework with built in extension which is used to build websites, while the Elementor is one of the most popular website builder with just a drag and drop feature.

Elementor is a Israeli software company founded Founded in 2016, while the Unyson framework is build by Themefuse.

In this article we will discuss on features, pros and cons, premium features & pricing, Ratings, Reviews, Team Support and some other things by comparing both the Unyson and Elementor.

Ratings and Price Comparison





Free Version



Premium Price

Pros and Cons

1. Unyson is a framework which might be little hard to use for a beginner.1. Elementor is very easy to use even a beginner can use it by just drag & drop feature.
2. Unyson is free to use2. Elementor has both free and Premium Versions
3. Rated below the elementor3. Rated above unyson
4. SEO Optimized4. SEO Optimized
5. Support is good 5. Support is good
6. Reviews Say its average to use 7. Reviews say its very easy to use plugin
7. Unyson Framework is ranked 9th7. Elementor is ranked 3rd

Which you should Choose ?

When researched Elementor Performes the best than unyson, user reviews are great and more of elementor. In wordpress.org Elementor has over 5665 reviews with over (5179) 5 star ratings on the other hand Unyson only has 81 reviews with over (57) 5 star ratings.

It is clear that user base of elementor is more strong than unyson and also the usability as compared to unyson.

Screenshots of Homepage

Unyson Home Page
Elementor Home Page

Video Review


Pricing – Free Open SourcePricing – Free Available , Premium Subscription Available
Starts at – 0$Starts at – 49$ / year
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Why Elementor is Best ?

Elementor is leading WordPress builder and all in one solution for those who are just starting out, with its free plugin one can create a good website using different templates or just by drag and drop method.

You can build a website which loads faster with pixel perfect designs.

As of now Elementor is working the best than the unyson framework the reviews in WordPress.org states that the plugin has lots of error issues.

So Elementor is the winner when you look on such things while comparing, also it seems like elementor is keeping up with the updates but the unyson is not. Updates improves quality and improves security.

Following are the screenshots of updates of both unyson and elementor :